The WOIPPY distillery produces 100% natural brandies

Intersango is a short-circuit agricultural trading company (local production for local consumption), specialized in market gardening and high-end grocery products. In partnership with Agrobourse 360, it has been able to bring to the Woippy distillery a development of their activity as well as a wider customer base.

For several years now, the brandy distillery sector in France has been experiencing a gradual decline. How can the demand for a quality product rooted in its terroir be regained? We meet Marc Paul, a distiller of brandy from Lorraine, for an interview about his factory.

The activity of the distillery, founded in 1947 in Woippy in Lorraine, a region highly prized for its production of mirabelle plums, has been handed down from father to son for four generations. Marc Paul, of the third generation, has been able to develop his activity and give new life to his factory.

, The WOIPPY distillery produces 100% natural brandies

In 2014, together with local farmers around Metz, he decided to pool their fruit harvests to make brandy.

From 2016, Marc Paul decided to harvest other local products from private individuals such as cherries, quince, pears and many others to transform them into brandy and then resell them to retailers, authorized stores and wine merchants.

This change has thus enabled the brandy offer to be diversified, with varied aromas and new blends, and has given rise to dynamic short circuits in Lorraine.

The family distillery has always valued quality products and 100% naturalness, limiting the addition of chemical inputs as much as possible.

, The WOIPPY distillery produces 100% natural brandies

The distilling process:

Marc Paul tells us about the distillery process:

It all starts with picking fruit. To have a good brandy, good fruit is necessary. We only collect ripe fruit, then sort it and remove rot stains, leaves and branches.

After this process, we put the fruit in barrels to ferment naturally.  Once the fermentation has taken place, we take care to fill the barrel as much as possible to prevent the outside air from entering as this can cause the fermented juice to vinegar.

During the distillation, we place the fruit in the vat to extract the alcohol thanks to the steam heating so comes two steps:

1- Remove impurities

2- Finalization of the product, the brandy is recovered

Finally, the product is bottled and is ready for consumption.

This whole process can take about a month. In each brandy, no product is added, we favour the quality of the product. Resales are made at resellers, authorized stores and wine merchants.

Thanks to Marc Paul for this interview and his explanations about his activity.

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